Founded by architect Ben Wenhou Yu and designer Yilei Wang in Bergen, Norway, Northing is a multi-functional organisation with a focus on publication, design, cultural events and cross-cultural communication. Based in Bergen, Norway and with an Asian cultural background, Northing is dedicated to promoting Norwegian culture among artists and designers to China and the other way round.

Initiated with the common interest and passion for books, most of Northing’s projects started or inspired by books, as reflected in the title of their project series: China meets Norway in a bookshelf. But they always manage to expand their activities from the books into other fields and areas, owing to their various educational and professional backgrounds, like the children’s concert, which is adapted from a Norwegian picture book,  they developed together with a Chinese orchestra group. For Northing book is not just a container of knowledge and information, but a bridge to connect different cultures and people. Through their practice as a cultural organization, it became also clear to them the bridge function that lies in their own core value, as to connect different cultures - Norwegian and Chinese, independent and mainstream, and to connect different branches - publication, design, education, architecture, art, music and performance, etc.

Recently Northing has also started its own publisher in Norway - Kinakaal Forlag, which means Chinese cabbage in Norwegian. Kinakaal Forlag will continue Northing’s dream and ambition in books and publication.


以两人的共同兴趣和热衷——书作为出发点,Northing的大多数项目都是从书开始或受书启发的,这从他们的系列项目“中挪书架奇遇记”的标题中就可见一斑。但归功于他们各自多样化的教育和专业背景,Northing总是能把他们的活动内容拓展到其它领域。对于Northing 来说书不仅是知识和信息的容器,书更是一座连接不同文化和人群的桥梁。在他们作为文化机构的工作实践中,这种桥梁作用,即连接挪威和中国、独立和主流等不同的文化,以及连接出版、设计、教育、建筑、艺术、音乐和表演等不同领域的作用,也越来越清晰地体现出来,成了Northing的核心价值。

2019年,Northing在挪威成立了自己的出版社:Kinakaal Forlag,挪威语意为白菜,以延续Northing对书与出版的憧憬和梦想。



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