My Mobile Photo Studio is an on-going project of well-established Chinese photographer Maleonn. It was innitiated in 2011 in Shanghai and it wasn’t mobile at all in the beginning. From 2012 Maleonn started to move his photo studio around in China and eventually travelled to 54 cities in the whole countries.

Tonje Birkeland is the counterpart of Maleonn we found in Bergen, who is getting more and more well-known for her characteristic photo collections and stories - The Characters series. As both the artist who developed the concept and the actress, Tonje created five female explorers with her own image and adventures.

After presented the idea of collaboration to the two artists, both of them felt excited and expressed admiration to each other’s works. Northing is making a program for the collaboration and the results will be presented both in China and in Norway.


Poetry comes to museum

Poetry came to Shanghai Minsheng Art Museum for the very first time in 2015, initiated by renown poet Wang Yin. All the poets invited would read their poems in their original languages with translation on the screen, thus the audience could enjoy not just the literal meaning but the rhythm and rhyme as well. Poets were always paired with musicians who improvised to the reading. Some of the pairs had never met each other before the performances. Wang Yin has so far invited several poets from Norway including Jan Erik Vold. Northing is planning to have a Norwegian edition of Poetry Comes to Museum in Bergen, with Litteraturhuset as our collaborator.


The Blind Men and the Elephant

Shanghai based artist Xiao Long Hua and Beijing based book designer Lv Min made a book that everybody would like to touch. It’s the best-seller of Unfold Shanghai Art Book Fair 2019 among thousands of artist books presented there. Northing is going introduce this book to Bergen Art Book Fair 2019 and would like to curate an exhibition for the artist-designer team.

0625 少女 排版设计 V8 s (dragged).jpg


This is the second book that will soon be published by Kinakaal Forlag, the publisher run by Northing. It features 74 young Chinese photographers with more than 200 pictures of Chinese girls. The book will be released at the Bergen Art Book Fair and tour with exhibitions both in Norway and in China.


Klee klee and it’s norlha pop-up store

Klee Klee is a sub-brand of ZucZug, a famous fashion brand from Shanghai. Klee Klee has a special focus on environmental protection, which extended it’s scope from fashion design to minority culture preservation and promotion. Klee Klee means “to slow down” in Tibetan, which shares the same meaning with the sign language used in the logo design. From 2017 Klee Klee started to cooperate with brand with minority cultural background like Norlha from Tibet, to host pop-up stores, which sells not only the products of local ecological materials but cultural products like ethnic music albums and art works as well. Hopefully Klee Klee and Norlha would pop up in Bergen in 2020 through Northing.


the daily life of Liang Shan village

It’s a marvellous village not very far from Beijing. Artists and writers who got tired of metropolitan life retired themselves there. They are leading a self-sustainable life with limited income and a lot of fun. Northing would like to present their lifestyle in Bergen, in order to showcase a group of Chinese individuals who are different than any stereotypes westerners have ever known about.


children's poems from china

Xiong Liang is the leading artist in illustration and children’s book in China. He was one of the runners-up in the Hans Christian Andersen Award 2018. But the book Children's Poems from China wasn’t authored but edited by him. All poems and illustrations in the book were created by his young students aged from 7 to 14. Northing is planning to invite Xiong Liang to have a workshop in Bergen with the kids.


Bugs’ book

It’s a unique book designed by the world’s most beautiful book winner Zhu Ying Chun, authored by hundreds of bugs in the garden of the designer, in three years. It’s even digitalised and made into a special font. Northing is planning a workshop with all the nordic bugs in Bergen, to translate this book into Norwegian bugs’ language.


Hai Di and his woodcraft

Hai Di is the best carpenter of his generation in China, yes, the whole China. He kept and developed the old craftsmanship to a whole new level with a subtle combination of accuracy, beauty, and ingenuity. To achieve the same form with different kinds of wood requires different techniques and tolerance levels. But he seems to understand every piece of wood by heart. Petter Bergerud, professor of KMD of UiB once visited his exhibition and was astonished by his dedication and skill. And Northing believes, for a city with deep culture in wood like Bergen, his works are worth an exhibition.